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I invite you to page through the Gallery to see samples of my work. Are you looking for something, but not exactly sure what? Let's work together to define a stained glass project.  Would you like something similar to a piece you've seen? Let's talk!


Click on "12 Tribes" above.


Sample close-up from "12 Tribes"


Beach (8" x 21")


Ceiling Light Fixture (10" x 10")


Dragonfly Suncatcher (10" x 8")


Dove (12” x 6”)


Mediterranean 1 (30” x 9”)


Another Rose (8" diameter)


Another Rose - Front Lighting (8" diameter)


Mediterranean 2 (19” x 9”)


Mediterranean 3 (30” x 9”)


Sunflower Window Insert (22" x 22")



Mediterranean 4 (19” x 9”)


Mediterranean 5 (19” x 9”)


Mediterranean Restaurant Interior Window (24" x 48")


With "MC" decal applied to center.


Restaurant Window in Context


Sun/Moon (7.5" Diameter)


Window Insert (24" x 24")


Window Insert Installed


Store Sign (26.5" x 5.25")


Store Sign - Installed


Daffodils (12.5" Diameter)


Hanging Decor (14" x 16")


"Poppy" Lamp (16" Diameter)


Click on "Cabinet Doors" above.


Snow Geese (19" x 14")


Orca v2 (23" Diameter)


Orca (12" Diameter)


"Chai" Tree of Life (12" Diameter)


Window Insert - Interior (8" x 70")


Window Insert - Exterior (8" x 70")


Fruitbowl (15" diameter)


Star of David (9" x 8")


Praying Mantis (12" x 12")


Antenna with Inspiration


Caduceus (7.5" Diameter)


Mackintosh Rose (8.5" x 21")


Golden Reverse (8.5" x 21")


"Peony" Tiffany Lamp (16" Diameter)


Office Window with Logo (18" x 30")


Gift (8.5" x 9")


Window Insert (18" x 19")


Orca (15" Diameter)


Star of David (14" Diameter)


"Improv" (13.5" x 7.5")


Halloween Cat (12" Diameter)


Banner (25" x 6")


Window Insert (18" x 18")


Close-up of Insert


Click on "The Loons" above.


Insert Into Multi-pane Window (58" x 22")


Window Insert with Bevels (18" x 18")


Hamsa (5" x 5")


Hummer (6" x 5")


Menorah (9" x 7")


Rose (8" Diameter)


Rose with Green Border (8" Diameter)


Simple Box (5.5" x 4" x 5.5")


Round "Improv" (8" Diameter)


Psychedelic (12" x 12")


Three Panel Transom (58" x 10")


Center Transom Panel (19" x 10")


Coffee House's Logo (9" x 11.5")


Starfleet Command (9" Diameter)


Where It Started (17" x 10")

Recent Additions

Who is Marc?

If you're touring this site, likely we already know each other. I'm a native (southern) Californian and recently retired business professor who tried doing stained glass at the encouragement of my lovely wife, Linda. The craft and I seem to like each other. It gives me the opportunity to be creative, refine a set of new skills, and see people enjoy the results of my efforts.


Marc Siegall, PhD

Chico, CA



Got Glass?

Needham Studios

in Chico is the place for me! Take a class from Mick Needham if you want to learn from a master craftsman.

Stained glass supplies and talented, friendly guys!

237 Broadway, Chico

(This is an unpaid non-commercial announcement. Mick's my mentor.)